Client Rights

Our established policy and procedure is to ensure that FIBA Care upholds all their commitments to their clients’ rights and set how out how these rights will be implemented and supported by FIBA Care’s staff.

Client’s Right

Our clients can expect to remain informed about their rights, responsibilities, expectations from us and information regarding service options. They are to be treated to the highest command, and be involved in all decisions made regarding case, programs and support. Clients will have all lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds and preferences catered to and privacy protected at all times. The support our clients can expect ranges from independent actions to all services conducting on their behalf. With FIBA Care, clients can expect that they are considered through all ongoing needs and goals.


Our Expectation from you

We ask that all information regarding your case is provided with transparency, that you act with respect at all times and remain honest about keeping appointments or commitments. We ask that our clients please provide us with feedback to further develop our services and pay for these services promptly.

Our client surveys are conducted annually to ensure that all of our values and policy are being upheld to the highest degree and client satisfaction is always met and maintained.

Our Code of Conduct

We strictly follow the code of conducts as stated by the NDIS Code of Conduct Guide. Below is a brief overview of the fundamental rules we must abide by.
  • Act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self determination and decision-making in accordance with applicable laws
    and conventions.
  • Respect the privacy of people with disability.
  • Provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with
    care and skill.
  • Act with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that
    may impact the quality and safety of supports and services provided
    to people with disability.
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of
    violence against, and exploitation, neglect and abuse of, people with
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to sexual


Abuse is not OK.

At FIBA Care we have no tolerance for abuse and so should you. This PDF below will help you to recognise and take action against abuse/discrimination you may witness or have occur to you.

“Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of.”

~ Morgan Freeman